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The Croatian Biometrics Society (HBMD) holds regular meetings to bring together members and encourage discussion within the community. At these meetings, invited speakers present the latest methods and ideas in biometrics and related sciences. A list of previously organized meetings can be found here

Goals of the Croatian Biometric Society (HBMD) are :

  • Creating a social climate that encourages scientific research, development and innovation in biometrics, as well as development of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research;

  • Creating and disseminating culture, especially humanization of science, as well as strengthening internal scientific and ethical (program and personnel) criteria;

  • Creating a modern educational system that will enable the development of biometric science with an emphasis on unified criteria;

  • Encouraging and facilitating discussion of all issues where biometric research can contribute to economic, technological, social, civilized and cultural development of the country;

  • Advancing the social status, rights and material security of scientific work and biometric researchers and professionals.


Goals of the Croatian Biometric Society (HBMD) are achieved through:

  • Organization of national and international scientific conferences, schools and seminars, professional meetings, plenary meetings, public lectures, and other various ways of training staff and disseminating results of scientific research;

  • Cooperation with related scientific and professional associations and organizations at home and abroad;

  • Initiation of research projects;

  • Publishing periodicals, monographs, textbooks, course material, manuals, web pages, audio-visual works, etc.

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