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The Symposium BIOSTAT 2017 will be held at the Solaris Beach Resort – Hotel Jakov ***

located on Adriatic Coast in central Dalmatia, 6 km south of Šibenik

(GPS N 43 ° E 15 ° 42’00’ 53’20’)

close to beautiful historical city of Šibenik and to several national and natural parks – Krka, Kornati, Northern Velebit, ….


Lectures / School of Biometrics / Workshops for the entire (multidisciplinary) auditorium will be held in the conference room of the Hotel Jakov ***.


Thanks to Šibenik and Solaris geographic position it is well connected.


Find useful information how to reach Solaris bellow.


If you are arriving by plane to the airports of Split (SPU) or Zadar (ZAD) you will come to Solaris in 40minutes by motorway A1. Get off the highway at the Sibenik exit, then continue to state road D8, direction Split until you see a sign Solaris, then turn right. Continue straight to our resort.  Another option is to follow the state road D8 (with sea view) all the way, the ride takes only 20 minutes longer.


When coming to Solaris from Zagreb or direction north, the motorway A1 is the fastest way. An alternative option is to go by state road D1. By motorway you go a bit faster, but the state road offers panoramic views to those who have some time to stop and enjoy the landscape. Travelling by road D1 takes about 1 hour longer.


If you are arriving by car from the center of Sibenik go to the eastern town exit. Follow the main road, then turn right to the state road D8, direction Split. You will reach a sign for Solaris, turn right and continue for 1.5 km directly to Solaris Beach Resort.


If you arrive by bus to the main station in Sibenik, you can get a direct bus line to Solaris that goes from the city market. The trip takes 15 minutes.

When travelling abroad it is recommended to go earlier and avoid traffic jams at border crossings. Check road conditions on


If you need Solaris to arrange transportation to Solaris or a transfer from one of the hotels to the destination of your choice, please contact sales & transfer department

on number +385 99 204 5400 or via e-mail


Solaris to  ...  Distance from larger cities:

  • Šibenik 6 km

  • Split 82 km

  • Zadar 89 km

  • Dubrovnik 271 km

  • Rijeka 298 km

  • Zagreb 342 km

  • Vienna 696 km

  • Budapest 682 km

  • Ljubljana 400 km

  • Sarajevo 289 km

  • Prague 1020 km

  • Frankfurt 1300 km

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